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Hello! If you’ve just found your way here, odds are that you did so because of this article http://www.dn.se/insidan/insidan-hem/for-att-lyckas-med-lyckan-far-man-inte-vara-for-krasen

Feel free to look around. The last two years of posts deal almost exclusively with hate crime. If you want something more substantial on that topic, you may start off with this video

And maybe take a look at this rather hefty text, co-authored with Christian Munthe:


If you are more interested in my work on hedonism, here’s the full text of my dissertation ”Hedonism as the Explanation of Value”:



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Say you’re interested in the nature of pleasure. Say you’ve harbored hedonistic inclinations all of your life, but haven’t really found a version of that theory that really fits with your empiricist life-style. Say that you find meta-ethics absolutely hilarious and the publishing industry just can’t turn out books on the subject fast enough for you. Quite besides the obvious fact that you and I should be friends, (Facebook friends at least – all the information, none of the guilt for not calling, or caring, really), here is something you might be interested in.


It’s my dissertation, ”Hedonism as the Explanation of Value”, which I (successfully, I might add) defended in Lund, Sweden on Saturday the 12th of september.

Lady who Launches

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”What are you doing, Dave? This is highly irregular”. Right you are, Hal, but that’s ”Dr Brax” to you. The irregularity referred to is this: my posting a blog, and having every intention to make a habit of writing on it. About philosophy, mainly, and about the parts of the empirical sciences that are relevant to philosophy, especially the moral and evaluative parts of it.

But I’m sure I will write about books and music and TV here as well. I believe we’re about to have fun, ladies and gentlemen, I really do.